Queenie Hennessy

Queenie Hennessy

It began as a knee-jerk thing Unrequited love, another time A final time And leaving the job and the brewery The audit drives to hoteliers With Him Upright, blue-eyed, decent Gentle in humour and engagement. But now simply to leave The terrible hurt like a cleaver. His one son David...gone Brilliant, eccentric, troublesome And troubled Finally at the end of a rope. And I had known David Through various happenstances Fascinated with him As curious extension of his Father. And never disclosed it Neither those tell-tale symptoms For possible rescue. Too proud Too frightened.

Yes, to leave, bus after bus Nose pointed in a crazy Otherwise direction Til stopped by the North Sea Sand and gulls Somewhere near Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. The beach house Down from the Main Strip And over from the golf course. All wind-pierced, skeletal and rotting. But project nevertheless Distracting and defending. Locals and vacationers Curious and helpful About this crazy spinster woman Alone in th…

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Pan Pipes Linger

The music of the mournful pan pipes on the radio early this morning made me think of him. I had heard that he had died. Full of smiles, welcomes, hugs and names remembered. He was always at the Farmers' Market in Waterloo on Saturdays.

Our kids used to stop, listen, smile and wonder. At this beautiful man and at the two violinists, conservatory trained in eastern Europe who were further down the way. Crowds often wandered by stuffing their faces with sausages. But this fellow was arresting; his music other-worldly; his CD's always available.

Fernand is missed. His grace unique and loving.

Give a Good Word




To Be Holy

To Be Holy

The old hymn says Take Time to Be Holy. That's the first part. Allowing the passage of time and the flow of encounters and reactions. God has willed you to be where you are, not where you are not. Your path to separation from the world's clutches will be unique because the Lord loves you uniquely. He also wants to use you to woo others.
There are places for the cloistered life of prayer, petition and meditation. They are spiritual dynamos occupied by peculiar and largely isolated saints. They bear fruit in the quieter moments and operations coming upon a busy, covetous, colliding world system that will not slow down to think deeply, to feel selflessly. Remember the beautiful fruit of the Spirit listed in Galatians chapter five (love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance).
But the monastery and the convent will not be for many. God wills that His ambassadors usually go out there to rub shoulders with a confused, hurried, questioni…


Hospital lobby fascinates
The comings and goings
Humanity here in Hamilton
Loved ones pushing lame ones
Staff repeating protocol
But with grace
Beautiful art and Gospel hints
Many too distracted
To look up
To whisper words
Of invocation
Of needful petition
To the Almighty
The loving-kind One
The supreme Sufferer
Who overcame
On and through a Cross
And knows the plight
Of the afflicted
The neglected
The hurting
The misunderstood
The uncertain
The dependent
The clinging.
And clinging to what?
To Whom?
With the authority
And the acumen
And the heart to heal it all.
An image comes to mind
To us in this throng:
Peter and John stand
With a once-crippled one
Before incredulous lords
Claiming the Name of Jesus
And faith in that Name
As the rock bottom reason
For astounding good prospects
For a back erect
For lips filled with praise
For legs given to dance.
This one was accompanied. (Acts 4: 7-14)