Language Drought

In scripture we are told that in the last days there will be a famine for the word of God.

Presently I am seeing a famine for words. Younger people are losing the ability to express themselves.

Good reading has been reduced to cheap newspapers, gossip magazines and Wikipedia. The classics of literature are never on anyone's lips.

Everything has become visual - the computer screen, the billboard, the texting phone. Time is scarce for direct conversation.

I would hazard a guess that the schools have still not learned their lesson about abandoning the phonetics approach to spelling. Similarly they refrain from bruising the little darlings with rules of grammar, parts of speech or word definitions.

As a consequence we see all around people who really do not know how to express themselves, how to be imaginative in telling a story, how accurately to portray emotion or hurt or fear or heart's desire.

What is this doing to relationships, to the work environment, to romance, to disciplinary problems, to marriages in trouble? We are drained as a society by this increasing inability to make our point clearly. We retreat from "pressing flesh" and real engagement to the nether world on-line and in chat groups where language is made something abbreviated and cryptic. (LOL)

All around schools tend to emphasize science, technology and business, and to make short work of art, language, writing and public speaking.

Our leaders dispense with good speech making for the technique of ten-second sound bites on the news. The pace intensifies, but less progress is made. Real discussion and engagement evaporate.

We have a drought.


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