Real Help for Real Needs

A friend, Sam, made some comments which I shall never forget. He was eager to find some meaningful opportunity to render service in the community in his spare time. He chose the Adult Literacy Group and was soon paired up with a young man who had spent too much of his life hiding what he called 'his great shame'.

Initially the two men just got acquainted and let their interests in discussion lead them to some small articles to explore together. Sam did not give details of his technique, but the outcome about six months later was a thrilling improvement in confidence, communication and job opportunity for his new friend.

Apparently the literacy service had on its roster a number of Christian acquaintances of Sam. They had each stated to him that they had had to go outside the walls of their churches to find opportunities of service to the community at large. Everything at the home church was just too insular and self-absorbed to make a dint in the neighbourhoods, schools and workplaces.

Pity. Jesus loved the marketplace and workbench.


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