Fond Remembrance

You have much
To be thankful for,
As you boil your leftovers
And wait for the
Bathroom wax to dry.

The boy is out
Doing his deliveries,
And Connie is late
At school with her project.
Ted will phone
Tonight from Calgary.

He has been so
Tired these last few weeks.
But the Company
Has a new customer.
Big one…out west.
He’s the senior driver.

Still you’re lonely,
And the bills are there.
In various colours.
From the top of the fridge.

Hang in there, girl.
Everyone will be home
This weekend.
And Saturday dinner
Is planned with Kate
And her fiancé.

Remember how your
Sister came to your
Kitchen table.
And cried that Frank
Wanted to call it off,
After eighteen months.

Remember how the
Two of you
Had really prayed.
For guidance, for healing.
(She the seasoned
Career girl.)

Remember four summers
Ago, Veronica.
When you had had
Your own doubts about Ted.
The phone calls, late nights,
And feeble explanations.

Remember at the
Last school, your boy’s
Circle of tough friends.
The merchandise hidden
In the basement.
The constable’s visits.

How Ted had taken
Him out of school
To share a six- day run
To Chicago, Kansas City
And Saskatoon.
How they had really talked.

Remember, Connie’s
Trouble with the cysts.
And she just getting
Used to female issues.
The scary first diagnosis.
And the kind second doctor.

Remember your Dad’s
Last six months.
Woeful widower.
Deathly quiet apartment.
Ted’s insistence on the many visits.
Healing the old hurts.

Remember your Dad’s
Hospital stay.
The glorious Saturday
When you finally shared
“That Jesus stuff”
He had so long rejected.

Yes, Veronica,
Remember, would you?
It hasn’t been easy,
But it has been good.
And it continues
With God’s help.

In strange ways
Young woman,
You have been the glue,
Holding it all together.
Now, for your own good,
Rejoice and be thankful.


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