Nurse Ula

She came running after us to the hospital elevator, "Don't leave. He will soon wake up. He has been talking about your visit all day."

We had come to the hospital to see how my 87 year old father was doing after a serious fall and some blood infection arising from a foot wound which was not healing. Seeing him sound asleep Hilary and I had decided to allow him another forty minutes rest while we sat downstairs in a lounge.

This nurse, Ula, had thought that we were giving up and going home. Upon our return it was evident that Ula had really caught the fancy of my Dad. She came in to change an intravenous bag of anti-biotic and the conversation became animated, and my Dad was clearly happy; "There's a young lady who enjoys what she is doing and it shows."

How important this is. Dad is separated for a couple of weeks from my Mom because of treatment arrangements for both of them following their accident. Mom has been transferred after hip replacement surgery to another hospital which has a focus on rehabilitative therapy. The challenge is large for these octogenarians, but they are gaining confidence and assertive body posture and movement with each day. Sixty-three years married. Fifty-five years in the same home.

Thank you and God bless you little Ula. And this with your twelve hour shifts!


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