One Fine Anglican Lady

Hilary and I were somewhat apprehensive about this visit to London to University Hospital. Her father Charlie had had a serious downturn in alertness. Alzheimer's. He had fallen and hurt himself. It looked as if the arrangements for him in the old family home, with daily house-care, were coming to a close.

For years there had been an awkwardness in my wife's relationship with her father over matters of religion. We had left the Anglican Church for something considered to be more evangelical. Charlie saw it all as fanaticism.

A stop at the north end of London at a coffee shop. Hilary had to use the ladies' room. She seemed to take an inordinate amount of time, but then appeared all smiles. Apparently she had struck up a conversation with another woman. Common interests of home-schooling, church activities. This woman was Anglican. She had assured my wife that there were good and legitimate things going on in that way of worship. Sincere, seeking Bible courses. Exciting new approaches to the Holy Spirit. Her own rector had had an Acts 2 experience and was becoming much freer in manifestation and in exercise of power. Apparently, relationship with Jesus was replacing religion.

They had parted with that woman suggesting that she would pray for Hilary's hospital visit and family members. (Other siblings would be present also. Difficult decisions were going to be made.)

Before we drove off, the woman was knocking at our car door: "I said that I would pray, but why don't we agree together right now?" She got into the back seat. Cordial introductions exchanged.

What followed was some of the most heartfelt and accurate prayer that I had ever experienced. Jesus was truly in our midst! Thanks to this woman's compassion and obedience, two travelers heading to an uncertain visit were given comfort and courage.

God bless the Anglicans. He is blessing them.

Note: Charlie died within the following week. But that day Hilary was radiant. Her Dad even allowed her to pray with him. Salvation came up in the prayer.


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