Open Letter to the Bruised

Dear Wounded Neighbour:

Have you been hit hard? Sickness? Money pressures? Unemployment? A broken relationship? A grievous death? Monotony and depression?

Memories have become debilitating assailants. The answer is not in looking back. This morning's sunrise was something new. The fresh air entering your window something God-given. Never lose sight of the fact that you are under the watchful eye of heaven.

Suffering is our common lot in a fallen world. But for many, the testimony has been "a coming through". Get out there in the society, if only for the exercise and fresh air. You will see many other stories of challenge right around the corner. You will also see the many simple niceties. Parents with a beautiful little child. Elderly with the grace and distinction of a former generation. Teenagers with the wide eyes of romance. Public servants doing their duty with courtesy and a smile.

And in this venture, smile. Seek to engage. Render a simple service. Converse spontaneously. People are hungry for this sort of connection. They are too hurried. Their surprise at your approach will give way to warmth and response.

Your focus on "sad self" will be forgotten for a moment or two. Perhaps you will experience the seeds of friendship. Perhaps, in passing, a bit of information will come which holds the key to your victory. Perhaps 'a merrier heart will work like a medicine'.

God designed us to be social "critters". His Son taught us to pray "Our Father..."

Finally friend, be on the lookout for your "coming through". Trust in His wonderful resources of mercy.



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