Graphic Romance

"WARNING! Some scenes in this Film Festival contain incidents of graphic romance."

Then followed four delightful Cary Grant movies on the public television station. We chuckled at the humour of the ad in light of the sexual content in most films today.

But there is really a sad comment here. Modern viewers might in fact be offended by the tameness and slow, hopeful pace of these films. Current fare presents key characters in hasty liaisons of convenience and chemistry only. Desperate people in desperate times interested largely in their glands and quick gratification.

Consider also the reality shows on television, The Bachelorette, for example. I must admit that I find the dynamic of the competition to be interesting. Dozens of hopeful young men get virtually minutes to make some lasting impression upon the one woman looking for a husband. And viewers get to watch it all - the awkwardness, the stunts, the fleeting intimacy, the pathetically short monologues which represent, supposedly, some sort of honest self-disclosure. Will viewing young people get to see this as the norm for a search in today's market for a help-mate?

Admittedly most young men groan at the prospect of a "chick-flick". Perhaps such films suggest the young woman's longing for a slowly developing hope, coupled with chivalry, gentleness, small niceties and gradually developing dialogue on the condition of the heart. The first kiss used to be a target of some significance. There was much delight to the imagination...BUT NOW?

This past weekend we were called down quickly to be bedside with my Father, age 88, at University Hospital in London where treatment will now focus on a tumour in the brain. He had suffered stroke-like symptoms overnight and was left all of Saturday with bodily thrashing and awkward speech. We hardly know what lies ahead. At one point and for several seconds he extended his hand behind himself and toward the foot of the bed where my Mother was seated. HE WANTED TO HOLD HER HAND!

Romance may still be found. Bravo!


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