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Unwelcome One

I hit like Vesuvius.
Greater emotional impact
Than one's first love.
Irrepressible as incoming tide.
Washing over sand castles.
I elicit self-doubt,
I bring on red anger,
Social awkwardness,
Loner spirit.
I humiliate
With damp blubber.
Pluck the mournful strings,
Drag up guilt for things
Not said; not done;
Not forgiven.
I pilfer memories.
And energy.
I cause friends
To keep distant,
To stammer,
To grow impatient.
I haunt with faces,
Gestures, music,
Abandoned wardrobe.
I roar
At the phrase
"Snap out of it."
Cause men to doubt
Their manhood.
Cause women to remember
Apron strings, rockers
And first school-days.
I befuddle and
Bring on mistakes,
I slander God
And His kind.
(For a time.)
I tax prayer
Beyond itself.

But I also clean
The inner residues;
Flush out the vitriol;
Relieve the inexplicable;
Distill humble servant-spirit;
Develop new-found audacities,
Currencies, compassions.
Evoke the dark night,
That joy might
Come in the morning.

I am Grief.


How foolish he had looked. It was a busy intersection -University Ave at Regina. I was attempting a left-hand turn and in so doing had to yield to oncoming traffic facing northward.

I could see the young co-ed ladened with books using the cross-walk in my direction to the left. The van opposite me was waiting for the girl to get across before making his right-hand turn.

The driver behind him however could not see the pedestrian and, apparently, was not prepared to wait the requisite twelve seconds. He blared with his horn, probably to impress the girl at his side. Seeing no change he honked again, waiving his arms in the air and commenting no doubt to his friend about plodding, sloppy driving practices.

She was the one who saw the pedestrian first, laying one of her hands on the upper arm of the gesticulating chauffeur. I hope that he was embarrassed. Yeah...embarrassed REAL BAD!

Hopefully the sweet young thing in the car was heeding the lesson. Better to be looking for a guy down an ounc…