Lord, Bless That Baby

Randy is a friend and workmate in my department at the factory. He and his father Ulysses come from Cuba, and they have brought much good cheer to the workplace.

Randy lives with a woman who has had a daughter in the past by another man. The two have recently purchased a home. Now the healthy baby boy Julius. But still no marriage. I do not know the circumstances or roadblocks.

Randy came to work the very morning of the intended Caesarian section procedure. Full of smiles and excitement, but also having reservations about accompanying his partner into the surgery.

At a point late in the morning I waved him over into a secluded corner of the plant, placed my hands on his shoulders, closed my eyes and began to pray for total success in the procedure; for gentleness, skill and sound judgment in the professionals; for courage for the young couple; for enough time being afforded his young partner in the hospital after the Caesarian and for the safe arrival of a healthy, beautiful new life. It was as if I were praying for a couple already married, and with a baby boy already safely in the home.

I opened my eyes to see my friend smiling and totally receptive. Such prayer in the corner of a steel factory! Other parts of my prayer will yet be answered.

A gamble? I didn't think so.


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