A Smack of a Kiss

It was Saturday and I was on duty at the grocery store. From around the corner of the aisle I could hear a loud smack and then a giggle. Curious, I went over to find a Middle Eastern man leaning over his grocery cart to give his two year old daughter another kiss. She was a beautiful child with arresting eyes and long mid-brown hair. For the moment she was delighting in Daddy's attention, unaware of others around, unaware I think of her own beauty. Another man stood to the side. Probably the uncle. His expression to me said, 'Oh yes, I must wait this through. He gets this way often with the child.' The spontaneity of gushing love was a treat to see.

A little later having searched the aisles with a customer looking for a product, I returned to the dairy section to find a tall man standing alone and evidently impatient.

"May I help you find something, sir?"

"No, thanks, I'm just waiting, waiting for HER."

I turned to see a woman in her upper thirties in a motorized wheelchair. I looked again at the man and his expression to me suggested, 'What a treat, eh? Dragging HER around like this.' The wife said a few words about a product offer. Her speech was a little slow. With four words he dismissed her suggestion and walked on ahead again.

The woman hit the joystick control on her chair to follow the husband. Probably with no small difficulty through the crowds in the check-out lines, through the busy, pre-occupied traffic in the parking lot and into their specially adapted vehicle. The look on her departing face was still a loving one for that good-looking big fellow up ahead.

I thought to myself, what a contrast between these two men with their girls. But how could I judge. This life deals out some hard hands.


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