Three Year-Old with a Clipboard

Today at the grocery store I noticed a father talking business with his little daughter in the grocery cart. He had given her in large letters a simple shopping list on a tiny clipboard which he was following with her help. I don't think that she could read the words but she was paying particular attention to the quantities, the numbers. She was also chastising Dad when he appeared to deviate from the plan.

It was a pleasure to observe this little skit and to realize that the child was truly keen to offer help. Dad was milking it for some fun and interaction with his cute little treasure.

I commented with a smile, "She really seems to be taking charge here."

The father responded, "No question about that. She has more power than the Boss!"

My next comment, "Such is the power of love".

The father looked at me quizzically and smiled, "Yeah, that must be it."


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