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The Note

Frank had not had many days like this. Just six months into his new responsibilities at the firm, the announcement had hit like a thunder clap. Regional Branch Office closing after the amalgamation. Talk of redundancy and streamlining. His entire workplace had two months.

To make matters worse Sandy had accepted a nursing tenure in Moncton and it looked like the end of their two and a half year relationship. She had been the one hinting at marriage. He had remained somewhat cool for too long. This was only his second serious commitment at age twenty-six. He had watched his parents' marriage fade away after thirty years. Mom remained at City Hall in the Planning Department. Dad for the last three years in Northern Alberta in geological exploration. And that after nineteen years as a University Prof.

The car lease expired in a month and there would either be re-financing or a hefty payout of excessive mileage. Student loans weren't going to go away for another four years, and doub…

Show Me Father, And Show Me Again

(Today's entry in Streams in the Desert by Mrs. Charles Cowman)


"The ark of the covenant of the Lord went before them" (Num. 10:33).

God does give us impressions, but not that we should act on them as impressions. If the impression be from God, He will Himself give sufficient evidence to establish it beyond the possibility of a doubt.

How beautiful is the story of Jeremiah, of the impression that came to him respecting the purchase of the field of Anathoth. But Jeremiah did not act upon this impression until after the following day, when his uncle's son came to him and brought him external evidence by making a proposal for the purchase. Then Jeremiah said: "I knew this was the word of the Lord."

He waited until God seconded the impression by a providence, and then he acted in full view of the open facts, which could bring conviction unto others as well as to himself. God wants us to act according to His mind. We are not to ignore the Shepherd's p…

Mysterious Providence

(Today's entry in Come Ye Apart by J. R. Miller)

“What I do thou knowest not now; but thou shalt know hereafter.”

John 13:7

Like many other words of Christ, this saying of His has a much wider application than its primary reference to Peter’s perplexity. It furnishes the key to very many of the providences of all our lives. We do not understand them at the time. We do not see how they can have any blessing in them for us. They seem altogether dark. But we have no right to judge of our Master’s work in us or with us until it is finished. “What I do thou knowest not now.” How could we be expected to understand all the Master’s great thoughts?

Yet this is not the end. “Thou shalt know hereafter.” This mystery is to be explained. This perplexity is to be resolved into the clearness of noonday. You do not understand now because you cannot yet see the end, cannot perceive the blessing and the beauty. The Master Himself knows just what He is going to bring out of each strange work of His, an…