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Eight-thirty P. M. Automatic garage door closed. Back from Thursday night Men’s Group. Don sat in the darkness, tapping the steering wheel. It was the third time today he had thought of his work-mate, Steve Fornsby. (Steve was obviously having some problems. But bottled up.)

Four rings on the cell phone:

“Steve, its Don Parks. It seems that you have been coming to mind throughout the day. I suspect there is something you need to talk about. I’m available.”

“Well Don, it’s kids. You know that Lorraine and I have had difficulty … Look, I can’t do this now. She is in the next room. It’s very sensitive.”

“Buddy, I have been out for the evening. Even now I am sitting in my car. How be you grab a jacket and meet me at Timmy’s on Weber Street in ten minutes?”

“Isn’t it kinda late for this? Oh, alright…”

That which ensued was something which Don had not even been able to achieve yet with the Men’s Group. Real heart-opening. Real engagement. Real vulnerability. It had been easy to do in the come-and…

It Starts with a Small Thing

The previous post was a song that I heard again in a restaurant at lunch break yesterday. It had touched my heart on earlier occasions.

This one-time lawyer had certainly seen a bellyful of marriage break-ups. As the client would relate the history, it became apparent that there had been some very small beginnings. Some silly expenditure without consultation. Some household chore never shared. Some flirtation at a party. Some puckish experiment with drugs. Some undermining of needful discipline with a child.

Then came the accusations, the raised voices, the counter-thrusts, the intentional shaming before others, the person at work who seemed so much more understanding, the adultery, the eartquake of disappointment, the refusal to forgive.

Did you hear that? I said the "refusal to forgive". But this just isn't fair. I shouldn't have to go through this. I deserve better. I have already met her half-way!

I have observed this with clients and with neighbours. The insidious c…

Whither Faithful Love?

Go back to the one who has your promise.