Contemporary Colours

Cook's Harbour by Jean Claude Roy
 Spent Mother's Day today traveling with Hilary and Lauren to Alton, Ontario and its delightful Mill and Gallery. The property was once designed for manufacture with power from a spill which flowed down to the Credit River. It is very close to the stunning streamside drive along the Escarpment at Belfountain.

The building has been refurbished with remarkable respect for the initial design. It contains numerous galleries with exhibits and vendors in various mediums. A coffee shop and musician's platform were in full swing. Outside the grounds sport many curious or humourous sculptures and a sunny deck beside the Mill Pond - geese and bullrushes presenting yet more visual delights.

Of all the painters on display I would suggest that the most arresting was Jean Claude Roy a Frenchman with significant ties to Newfoundland through a merchant marine career and a ten-year stay working as marine electrician by day and blossoming artist by night. See the site:


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