Knowing the Shepherd Intimately

I have sat in a room full of seniors and have read from the Psalms. When I came to the 23rd, the Shepherd psalm, they all appeared disposed to join in and recite it together. I was delighted at their participation. They came from a culture often exposed to the reading of these words.

But I had to notice that the facial expressions of these elderly seemed to suggest four different types of response:
1) Those who knew it was prudent to join in with the crowd and show respect to the Good Book.
2) Those who delighted in the value of good words, good poetry, touching the heart.
3) Those who knew the promises.
4) Those who knew the Shepherd.

Sadly only the last group had any real and abiding hope.

We must not be star-struck by words! We must take every mature resource available to help gain that intimate knowledge and confidence concerning that Shepherd, the Lord Jesus. We must confess known sin and turn around. The food is available (the four Gospels, Acts, Letter to the Hebrews). The meek and humble mentors may be approached. The prayer closet is always open. The opportunities to give obedience in service and support are crying out!

You would be blessed in giving attention to the 34th chapter of Ezekiel. Perhaps He waits to be your Shepherd.


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