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Inter-State Argonauts

It’s seven hours to Pittsburgh
And the rig is running rough.
But the load is worth a bundle
Soon will fix things, sure enough.

I haven’t seen the sunshine
In the last four drizzling days.
And the wife has missed my phone calls.
How she hopes the new boss pays.

I’m thankful for the mileage
And the triple-city link.
Yes, the shut-down at the last place
Brought us nearly to the brink.

I miss her more each outbound
And the boy just hit thirteen.
But the getting’s good this season
After months of living lean.

Ahead, I see the flashers
And the red flares through the haze.
Buddy jack-knifed at a hairpin.
He’ll be out for several days.

I see him by the squad car.
Sorting out the clean-up plan.
Was it four months back-the diner?
I had roast beef with that man!

We traded favourite stories.
Some of bright days on the ‘pike.
Some of weariness and set-back.
It’s the road, the road, we like.

I’ll have to hit the shoulder
Watching out for gravel drift.
Offer up a drive, some coffee.
For this Brothe…