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The Familiar

Recently I attended a Volunteers' Breakfast at the Seniors' Home. The Chaplain gave a reading of Psalm 23. Everyone knows that one ("The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not want..."). Her comments were right on the mark.

She acknowledged that the aging have to be reassured that some things stay the same. Probably they have experienced some family or church occasions where the verses rang a comforting chord. To go back there is to go to something pleasant, something treasured. Much too much is changing in their world. Computers. Blackberries. Terrorism. Pollution. Miracles of genetics and life science. 'Matters little' politics. Nano science or quantum physics.The list goes on.

I also have watched seniors smile and join in with the old songs, poems or proverbs. Often these are remembered although the individual can't really recall what happened yesterday.

As the Chaplain read, my attention seemed to be drawn to the one phrase that became the main thrust of h…