I have derived much benefit from a small, borrowed book entitled Little Foxes That Spoil the Vines by W. B. J. Martin (Abingdon Press, 1968).

Here are some of the dissipating, mis-firing tendencies in the Church that handicap its effectiveness. Chapters include such things as Careless Listening, Stopping Half Way, Flippancy, Discourtesy, Careless Talk, Restlessness, The Roving Eye and Ingratitude.

The image of the meddlesome, wasting fox in scripture can be found In Song of Solomon 2: 15 and Luke 13: 31-34.

It seemed that I liked the book more and more as I progressed – only 127 pages.

Here is an excerpt from the chapter Flippancy. Martin is commenting on his reaction to the lecture of a much-publicized mystic intellectual:

“Now I know why I believe in the religion of the Incarnation. Because it delivers me from all that pomposity about myself. Christianity, thank God, is not about ideas, concepts, philosophies, and feelings: its about a man. God’s word is made flesh. And the Christian life is not a soul trying to fly through space; it’s a way of eating, drinking, making love, patting little children on the head, frying fish over an open fire for hungry disciples.”

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