Though He Slay Me

Three men from the Church were talking over lunch:

“I don’t know what gives with Harry. His situation just goes from bad to worse. Lay-off. Eldest kid caught in a gas-bar heist. Possible mortgage foreclosure. Sheesh!”

“He has always been a great help at the Church when asked.”

“Yeah, but there must be some inner darkness or rebellion or ignorance. He needs to take a tougher look at himself.”

“Just the other day I gave him a copy of that DVD series ‘Confess Into Favour’.”

“Wonderful teaching. Helped get me through the sale of my business last year.”

…Six blocks from the Diner, Harry was taking a walk in the park to clear his head. Sun was starting to peek through the clouds. Sat down on a wooden bench. Watching Moms and kids over on the swings. Little blonde one leaves her perch and runs over to his bench:

“Hiya Mister. Did you see me on that swing? This park is great, isn’t it? You can join us, if you want.”

Sun comes out now full blast. Harry notes a spiritual significance. God is close. God knows, and He is Father.


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