'Til the Branch

No great Leader
Impartial and compassionate
Rescuing the poor
Uniting all men’s hearts
Setting down weapons
Of avarice and bigotry
Giving words of holiness
And Heav’n the focal part.

No great Standard
To gather all in confidence
No great City
Where gates are open wide
No great Highway
Of passage safe and singing
Drawing the nations
To plenteous peace inside.

No great Justice
That crushes wicked scheming
Granting the verdict
To diligent and true.
No great Banquet
Where hunter and the hunted
Feast royal provender
Their chase- and- kill now through.

Wait for the promise
Yes, just around the corner.
Started with David
The man who knew God’s heart.
Ends with Messiah
The Righteous Branch of wisdom
Ends with the Family
Who sing “How great Thou art.”

Isaiah 11


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