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Isaiah Thirty-three

The lame take the prey
Oppressed have their day And none who thwart justice Will last. Unquenchable fire The Lord in His ire Avenging the pain of the past. A Man is the cure With fresh waters pure And shade from the cruel Desert heat. His Spirit will win Exposing all sin Dread armies collapsed in defeat. A City He brings Where real freedom rings And He is the Final resort. No other can rule No bully or fool It’s His throne, assembly and court. No warships approach No chariot or coach No bribes or Corruption concealed. But songs fill the streets As fierceness retreats And meek ones Forgiven and healed.

Holy Enthusiasm

“When his friends heard of it, & they said, He is beside himself.” Mark 3:21 Even our Lord’s relatives did not understand Him. His life was so unworldly that it could not be measured by the ordinary standards. Here they could account for his unconquerable zeal only by concluding that He was insane. We hear much of the same kind of talk in modern days when some devoted follower of Christ utterly forgets self in love for his Master. People say, “He must be insane!” They think every man is crazy whose religion kindles into any sort of unusual fervour, or who grows more earnest than the average Christian in work for the Master. Some of Paul’s friends thought he was crazy when he went sweeping over land and sea to carry the gospel to every city. But his answer was, “No, I am not crazy; the love of Christ constraineth me.”

That is a good sort of insanity. It is a sad pity that it is so …

Check It Out

I saw her in the dairy section of the store. Tall. Long flowing dress. Sandals. Head-dress. Raised welts from decorative incisions on the forehead and upper cheeks. Long face with narrow-set eyes that almost looked crossed. But penetratingly limpid and intelligent.

She was silent. I expected that her voice would be a delicate whisper. It is likely that her native land was somewhere in equatorial West Africa. And here she was in Kitchener (German-Canadian town of factories, diverse foods, insurance companies and intel.)

I wanted to help. She looked so new, so different. She also appeared to have definite targets, just like any other shopping mother. The children were not with her.

I let go with a smile and a "hello" and I motioned over to a bunker of bars of cheese at a ridiculously low sale price. Canadian cheddar - all varieties. I gave her the thumbs up. She smiled broadly and the whole face lightened up. Happy common ground had been discovered. She chose two of the marbl…

Parting of the Ways

They got the news
I was reborn
Wagered all
On Jesus Christ.
(My puny all
Seemed so small
For the pearl
Of matchless price.)
They hit the road
Could not abide
What I shared
Of change inside.
I was done
With fleeting fun
With the guile
And giddy ride.
And they watched
For my collapse
It would come
They had no doubt
Couldn't see
God was getting
Garbage out.
But I have
No other path
Love constrains me
Like a vise
And I wouldn't
Trade the pain
For old ways
On melting ice.
And I pray
(That much I do)
As the old friends
Come to mind
That their blinders
Will come off
That the Saviour
They will find.

Answers from Job's Quandary

There is a book that I have seen, title escaping me. I believe that the author was the respected British Bible expositor G. Campbell Morgan. It suggested that all of Job’s questions were to be answered in Jesus Christ.

Questions like the following:
 Why do good people suffer?
 Why do problems seem to pile on?
 Who can really know the pain that I am experiencing?
 Why is it that our friends’ censure hurts the most?
 Is there an antidote for all of my guilt?
 Why are people disgusted at the sight of pain?
 Can I hold on to reverent love of God whatever the extent of my pain?
 Is God to blame for suffering?
 Will there ever be a recompense for injustice?
 Will I rise from the grave?
 Am I to anticipate a blessed after-life?
 Are all mortals bound to disappoint a Holy God?
 Could I ever argue my case before Him?
 Is there an Advocate for me in this struggle anywhere?

As I was drawn toward the Gospel invitation in 1982 (and after extensive church involvement, I might add, bu…