He Beautifies the Meek

Painting by James Tissot -  John 18: 6
Dr. S. M. Lockridge has given us the impressive recitation “That’s My King”. In so many ways in that piece he remarks on the glory of Jesus. He asks several times “Do you know Him today?”

Take a look at the video on our site Conversation Above.

One of the phrases points out that Jesus “beautifies the meek“. You know that person. He gives up his seat on the bus – probably has to ride the bus. Does the extra task at the workplace nobody else wants. Never has been heard to retaliate against abuse. Often just smiles when he is made the brunt of a joke. Appears consistently controlled and moderate.

Do not for a moment believe that the meek one is unmanly. Moses was called the meekest of men. Jesus described Himself as “meek and lowly”.

Psalm 37 says a delightful thing, a most appropriate thing:

The meek shall inherit the earth and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.


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