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The Lover Ponders

Can you not get it? I am ravished by you. Saw your potential when I first took hold. Passed by many others, you know; and that is my prerogative.

When you consider Ruth and the story of her gentle courtship out in the fields of Boaz. That was my heart for you.

When you turn a look toward my garden of spices in the Canticles, do you not yearn for more of my delights?

When you wince at the waywardness of Hosea's wife, you sense a little of what challenges me in holding on. No I will not make light of my covenant...not ever.

When you see Mary of Bethany pouring the fragrance upon Jesus' feet and crying out her loyalty, you are coming near to my hope for you.

When you admire the stamina of Lydia at the riverside, praying yet again for the revelation of Grace that does in fact come through Paul, you see the champion that I envision in you.

When you accompany John and behold the Bride, the Heavenly City, descending from Heaven, you begin to appreciate how intensely I treasure this …

Marching Orders

I offer a sampling from the rich poetic fare of friend Anthony Gomez of Moncks Corner, South Carolina:

Don’t let me hold myself back
Don’t let my own doubts dissuade me
Don’t allow the enemy’s dark clouds of insecurity pervade me
Crack open the blinds
Let Your Son Light stream in
Light it up Lord
Light it up…
Like when The Word Alive said:
“Let there be!”

Don’t let that circuit breaker trip again please
i’m asking humbly in prayer on my knees
Breaking curses
severing bail-bonds
trading stocks in hearses
investing in Saviour’s bonds
Your redemption center open 24/7
bring recyclables in
leave with a significant amount of change

 Nothing surmounts Thy Holy name
not seeking glory nor fame
this is no game
can no longer operate in shame
tempered in flames
Your name I proclaim

Been barking up all the wrong trees
disturbing the peace
of innocent birds and bees
novelty store wind up chattering teeth
like miniature bear traps clamping onto my toes
hidden in piles of leaves

Carve Your i…

How Many?