H’lo Derek’s de name
Werkin’ here at d ‘Ome
Old folks, loik dem Old folks
‘Ney seem to loik me
Roon stuff fo’ dem
Byes ’em lott’rey tickets
Combs dare ‘air
Coots dare nails
Makes ‘em smile.
They’s a lonely lot
Stare’n at dem walls
Lessen I can get ‘em into checkers
Or a picher book
Or some such.
Hannah, she’s a peach
Managin’ Ordely
Pretty she is, in a ploompish way
No boyfren’ ta speak oove
She says I makes he’ laff
An’ she’s so gentle with dem folks
A Princess, dats what she is
Widout no palace.
Toosdays we go pubbin’ an’ laffin.
She sticks oop fa’ me.
Joan doid dis afternoon
Dear Joan, one of my favritts
I stroke her hair – she liked dat.
Dead now.
Like me Mom in many ways
Told me “kindness” is magic
Don’t be smart
Don’t be good lookin’
Be kind Derek, she said.
Spent a coopla minutes at her bed
Sayin’ gubye.
Sayin’ sorry fer tings I broke
Or stuff I mixed up
She’s dead…too bad.
Scuse me fer dese tears.
Gotta go. Me mate Duggie.
He’s de caretaker
Tells me’s time ta head ‘Ome
To our Apartment.
Seeya roond mates.
I always coom back
Love it here – love da job.

Note: This may give you a feel for the unusual British television series “Derek” starring Ricky Gervais. His portrayal of a gentle, handicapped Man Friday in a Seniors’ Home is uncanny. My son Jordan alerted me to this gem. Said he didn’t know what to think at first.


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