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Oh to walk by Galilee See the crowds and what they see Hear their laughter; feel their thrill Learning of the Father’s will. Hearing tales from where they live Learning how to pray, forgive How to walk the second mile How to make the outcast smile. Watching sickness turn and flee Watching sinners saved and free. This a pilgrim’s frequent wish Camp with Him, and share His fish. Then there was that other phase Shadows came in threatening days Cold religion sought to snare Empire muscle everywhere Politics and schemes of men Shutting down the love again Making plans to catch the Son See His following over-run See Him shackled, whipped, defamed Brought to bar with no just claim. Bring Him to a horrid Hill All to serve His Father’s will. Treasured fare to feast upon Matthew, Mark And Luke and John. Take it to my quiet place Learn His love And seek His face. Take to heart the Gospel’s peace Tell a friend of faith’s release. Christ is risen Death’s great loss Christ within me Through the Cr…