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Musings of Messiah...Try to Understand

You have no idea. But try anyway, would you?
I took myself to that garden, that familiar prayer garden, ‘neath the olives. Brought my buddies along. Asked three of them to come, sit closer in the cold and darkness.
They tried, bless ‘em, but soon fell asleep. How often when people are overwhelmed by circumstances and the fast pace of events. How often do they cloud up and doze off out of sheer self-defense.
But I had stupendous business at hand. Placed into their bodies and circumstances and pullings and whisperings…I had to obey. The Father’s Plan depended upon it. And I was His to do and to demand as He saw fit.
I wasn’t so much afraid of a Cross or of ridicule. I was terrified of losing the sense of His touch and listening ear. Had never happened before as I had grown up from stage to stage here on this little blue-and-green place full of the ones we loved.
I vented, I pleaded, I reminded. I looked down several times to see blood issuing from places where it ought not.
The Evangel…

He's Glad

The good news comes
And none is more elated
Than One you thought too stern
To share your joy.
You've hardly ever
Come to Him delighting
You couldn't hear Him
Utter "attaboy".
But He is Father
Words we use quite glibly
And He desires the best
To come your way
And all the while you've
Called Him hard Taskmaster
As if the dues
And sweats you had to pay.
So shape up
In your upwards estimation
And give to God the credit
That He's due
And know that He's behind
Each brilliant sunrise
And wills and speaks
The best to come to you.