Down But Not Out

It was Samuel Rutherford who said that he was so thankful God never changed. Forever just, equitable, longsuffering and true. The Scottish preacher was well aware of all his vacillations of mood, and he was somewhat ashamed.

Let us remember that he lived and preached in a time of great troubles in Scotland. The king's episcopal way was being forced upon the people of the North and they and their Bible believing pastors flinched and eventually declared war in the time of the Scottish Covenanters (mid 1600's).

Rutherford was forbidden to preach in his beloved Anwoth in the south-west, and was put in exile in Aberdeen in the north-east. Religious authorities there watched him with a censorious eye, ever ready to blow the whistle.

Samuel came under great condemnation. What had he done wrong? Well, he would not be silenced, and there followed a snowstorm of precious letters to his parishioners on all kinds of topics.

We have those letters today, and we would be well advised to resort to them. They show in many ways how timeless is our Gospel and the Bible path of redemption. What he felt way back then, I feel NOW.

A truck-driver friend of mine from years back said once with that large grin of his, "I've read to the back of the Book. We win!"

In a glorious quote Rutherford said that he could only make falls that Christ might raise him and incur debts that Christ might pay them...and that it was no shame for a drowning man to swim towards a Rock.

Rest in that constancy of our Good Shepherd. OK?


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