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Some Light on Intense Darkness

Conference Message from Michael Landsberg: Popular Host of Sports Interview Program Off the Record (TSN) – Darkness and Hope: Depression, Sports and Me
“Every now and then (nay, daily) and with differing intensities and durations a little voice goes off that says you are not going to have ANY joy today. You are worthless, phony, weak, fearful and alone. You will probably someday end your miserable life and no one will miss you. Not family, friends, neighbours or workmates. You are pathetic.”
Landsberg relates that the last really serious defeat in this occurred 3 years ago and in the midst of apparent media success.
The man appears commonly spoken, sometimes profane, audacious, arrogant (he threw out that word) and jocular. He denied that he was in any way courageous or brilliant in coming out to the public with his very real and unending affliction. There are drugs, diet and exercise changes, therapy, dialogue and loving relationships, but the little nagging questions continually are a…

Small Talk Yields Big Dividends

I have simply come out walking
And our paths have crossed by chance
And you offer up a smile
As if to pass.
And I volley with a comeback
"Nice to see those robins 'round"
Just as one trots cross the turf
And stabs the grass.
And discussion then flows freely
You so wanted to engage
But you simply had no fare
To make it start.
Seems your wife is resting bedside
From a stroke that rocked your world
I am listening Friend
Yes...please unload your heart.