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After the Window Washer (and a few others)

After the Window Washer

I shook his hand
And didn’t let it go
Too soon.
Two other mornings
Over the past few weeks
Had met in the same place
Congenial talks
Liberal smiles
Gave him lots of ear
Now at the place
Of name exchange.
“Doug” (pause)
“Greg” (pause)
Put my hand
Firmly on his shoulder.
He looked sidewise
At this encroachment
“You seem to like that
Laptop of yours, Bud.
What’s with that?”
“Oh, I write things
Poems, usually about Jesus.”
“No kidding?
Is it real
Or just wishful thinking?”
The sun was coming through
The glass now, and hard.
Squeegy guy had just washed it.
I opened my little portable Psalter
And read the first
Fourteen lines Psalm 103.
No use just letting
Greg hear from me.
Divine appointment.
One more time
And the talk just flowed
Both ways.
His Strange Yes

What does it look like?
God’s “Yes”
When your fears hurl
Up those knee-jerk petitions.
And reproach
Takes on some novel editions.
When the wicked
Frustrate blessing well-earned
And your good ill-taken
Your witnes…

Son Jordan and His Accents


Come Before Winter


Tough Tonic

My talk with the elderly woman got around to her departed husband and the features of Heaven as I have discerned them from the Good Book. Purposeful. Happy service. Worship and rich community. Peace. Recompense. The presence of the Saviour.

She had just about reached her limit. Cognitive powers and memory much diminished in her ninetieth year. Enough had been said for the time. Words meant to comfort, as life was hard.

She looked me straight in the face and sighed. "Well I hope everything will be like that."

Hope. No present assurance of salvation. Later in the car my spirit was heavy and my thoughts went to all of the comments that might have been made. Some of them tough.

'My dear woman, you can have the life of Christ starting now, and never look back. It is all a simple question of please and thanks, of offer and acceptance, of a done deal. It is not a matter of personal niceness, although most of those around you would think so and say so. It is not nice people who…

Burn Bright



It's a Living Word we're given
And it lives in each one's sphere
And it shows its rule in happenings
And friendships held most dear.
Though it speaks of ancient Abraham
And of Joseph behind bars
It will grab the timeless human hope
And offer it the stars.
It will sing in David's loneliness
And soothe in Job's dread pain
And will walk with Christ up Calvary
Till the grave gives up the slain.
It is one more blessed circle
Like the sun or seasons 'round
First a Garden's shameful folly
Last a Garden's Grace re-found.
As a child holds up the eye-glass
And its colours mix and move
So the scriptures' application
Always love and mercy prove.
And the fragments' vivid colours
Share a multitude of views
Though each piece of glass is constant
Ever true to our Good News.
There's an orange for flesh and folly
There's a blue for Heaven's call
There's a red for sin's blood ransom
And a black for Eden's Fall.
There's a green for ne…


The books get read
The shows get watched
And heroes rock and roll
And evil in a thousand ways
Wreaks havoc with the soul
We fear the dark
And fear the strange
And dare not let tears show
When all the while
The “tougher” path
Would see the mercy grow
Would see the helps
And see the hugs
And hear the prayers upraised.
Then why oh why
With all we have
The twisted get our praise?
They scowl and flex
Leave homes in wrecks
And have no time for care.
But God is KIng
O’er everything
And births grace anywhere.