It's a Living Word we're given

And it lives in each one's sphere

And it shows its rule in happenings

And friendships held most dear.

Though it speaks of ancient Abraham

And of Joseph behind bars

It will grab the timeless human hope

And offer it the stars.

It will sing in David's loneliness

And soothe in Job's dread pain

And will walk with Christ up Calvary

Till the grave gives up the slain.

It is one more blessed circle

Like the sun or seasons 'round

First a Garden's shameful folly

Last a Garden's Grace re-found.

As a child holds up the eye-glass

And its colours mix and move

So the scriptures' application

Always love and mercy prove.

And the fragments' vivid colours

Share a multitude of views

Though each piece of glass is constant

Ever true to our Good News.

There's an orange for flesh and folly

There's a blue for Heaven's call

There's a red for sin's blood ransom

And a black for Eden's Fall.

There's a green for new life budding

And a violet regal throne

And a golden treasured harvest


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