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Cabbage Moths

Low lying
Intensely green
To the left of gravel road
Soybean I think
Softly rippling
In gentle country breezes.
Roaring silver milk truck
Passes us by...barely
Dust settles
And wonderful silence
Broken only
By the caroling of goldfinches.
Arbor of chestnut
Or walnut to our right
Offering kindly shading.
Cabbage moths
Observed over the green
White or pale yellow
Purposeless frolic.
But then upward spirals
Magic in tandem.
Distances and pace
To what purpose?
Made to fly?
We don't know
But we identify
This un-repeatable
Sunday afternoon.

Just Be Held


Noon-Hour Lesson

She pecked at the sidewalk so gently
White cane all over the place
And cars passed her by in a frenzy.
Determined, the look on her face
And smiling, though pacing through darkness
And probably so all her days
And I fretting some little problem
And feeding my small, selfish ways.
Oh how I was urged to pull over
Embrace those two shoulders so brave
And tell her Light comes in the Morning
With One oh so willing to save.
And might He step out of the ether?
And put His two hands on her eyes?
Dear Christ come to this little Sister
With glimpses of your Paradise.