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Sunday afternoon
On a bench in the park
Friendly breeze
Moderating September heat.
She been to church
But it was nothin
Except people and practice.
God was almost silent.
Not the same
With Lloyd gone
He used to sing
Big and bold
With the tenors
And she sittin
Across an alto
And smilin at her man
Midst the songs of Zion.
Hardly seemed like Sunday
The rush all round.
But here in the park
Half way to the apartment
There was Church.
Laughter of children

Old men at the dominoes
Bright colour waking in the trees
Robin and goldfinch
Singing and stretching
For the coming trek.
Jessica with eyes closed
Felt His warm Hand
On her face
And began to speak out
“I was glad
When they said unto me.
Let us go into
The house of the Lord.
Our feet shall stand
Within thy gates
O Jerusalem.”