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For the Bruised


From Palm Reading to Prayer of Salvation

They had eaten well enough. The new Chinese restaurant in the neighbourhood had a very delightful and delicious presentation. But there were very few customers inside. The food items sat waiting at the buffet. 

The Manager came over to the woman and asked "May I read your palm?"
No thanks I'm not interested in that sort of thing.
Well, do you believe in Destiny?
The Husband responded, "Nope we believe in God's Providence".
Oh so you are Christians.
Nodding responses.
You know years ago I was in Holland and spent three days at a Church meeting under a big tent. The preacher was from Taiwan. His messages were very good. I almost went forward for baptism. ALMOST. But you know my faith isn't strong enough. I have problems. I just do my best. I have this simple belief in God. Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?
Again nodding responses.

It was as if a green flag had been waved in the race for the Wife. She was off and telling of the power in the Blood of Jes…

Yancey Does It Again

This morning I finished this short and compelling book on suffering and God's part. Philip Yancey approaches every assignment with a sufficient degree of everyman's skepticism.

Here he looks in 2013 at three very different recent catastrophes - the tsunami in Japan, the ravaging 4 year war-siege of Sarajevo and the senseless shooting of primary grade children in a Connecticut school. There are numerous personal testimonies and viewpoints.

Did God allow these horrors? Where was He when people's lives were ripped apart? Could His Love bear to stand aside? Is the planet broken and chaotic? Is humanity irrevocably corrupted? Can He be relied upon to protect or rescue? Or does He find ways to redeem every pain and loss eventually? Or does He bring out unanticipated compassionate response in those who are at hand.

Stories of courage and clinging hope abound in the book, as well as helpful quotes from the likes of C. S. Lewis, Dietrich Bonnhoeffer, Alfred Lord Tennyson, John Don…

Where Do I Go?

Where do I go when the pressure builds with strains of daily life and push and pull of the passing throng?
I have the news. It tells of a world which is frightened by its shrinking; by the shortened breath of environment; by increasing stories of troubled people with greater means of doing harm.
I have my home. It beckons with odd-jobs, escalating expenses, procurement of stuff and mounted memorabilia of good and bad.
I have my job. It promises a regular routine and occasional challenges to be undertaken and accomplished; the arriving paycheck already spent.
I have my friends. They will be quick to tell me of events in their circle. Sadly, only few will hear out my daily portion.
I have my books and hobbies. They take me to places and people briefly interesting; to cozy workshop  fixtures where the plans always create more buzz than the products.
I have my quiet walks.  The sound of measured tread, birds above and today’s persistent inner melody. All providing a brief over-ride.
I ha…

Who Is a Listener?

Last month my wife and I marked our 41st anniversary. Two children bringing us much joy. Several careers, in both white collar and blue. A number of delightful holiday trips abroad. A personal bankruptcy from a business failure. A falling out with parents and a reconciliation. A number of prayerful journeys through dark valleys. A strong confidence in mutual support, in the Word of God, in the extraordinary hold of Jesus upon our hearts.

But then there is this mental illness thing. Of at least 19 years' duration. Three extended trips to a psychiatric ward. Critical decisions made about appropriate meds. In ways we both suffer this illness. Acquaintances do not know how they might help or encourage. They disappear, understandably.

And resort MUST be made to Jesus. Not asking for a healing. Just a means to further His will. One day my wife will be well.

If you have a moment consider a prayer entry of today. Not for sympathy but for illumination to an increasing reality faced by man…