From Palm Reading to Prayer of Salvation

They had eaten well enough. The new Chinese restaurant in the neighbourhood had a very delightful and delicious presentation. But there were very few customers inside. The food items sat waiting at the buffet. 

The Manager came over to the woman and asked "May I read your palm?"
No thanks I'm not interested in that sort of thing.
Well, do you believe in Destiny?
The Husband responded, "Nope we believe in God's Providence".
Oh so you are Christians.
Nodding responses.
You know years ago I was in Holland and spent three days at a Church meeting under a big tent. The preacher was from Taiwan. His messages were very good. I almost went forward for baptism. ALMOST. But you know my faith isn't strong enough. I have problems. I just do my best. I have this simple belief in God. Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?
Again nodding responses.

It was as if a green flag had been waved in the race for the Wife. She was off and telling of the power in the Blood of Jesus and the need to be born again (Jesus' own words). She spoke of a simple prayer to commit and repent and receive new Life.

The Husband added some comments about Jesus' unique earth walk for 33 years (essentially the message of self-emptying in all humility recorded in Philippians 2.)

The restauranteur's questions were courteous, intelligent and on the point. Obviously there had been much earlier wonder and examination.

Again the Wife pitched in with comments on the Tribulation, the Rapture, the Baptism in the Spirit and the need still to confirm the inquirer's stand in Jesus through water baptism. Wow what a package!

Would the man pray to receive Jesus? He would. They did. And still few people around to interfere or quench.

They went on to pray as Family for better business and opportunity for the pleasant restaurant and a  better financial picture for the Owner who obviously was well liked and respected by his Man on the floor.

At the end the customary fortune cookies were served. The Couple enjoyed the taste but disregarded and crumpled the inner messages.

Before departure the Husband asked why perhaps all of this had happened after the Oriental man's simple questions. Holy Spirit on the job. His new friend smiled broadly.

Another transaction of New Life imparted for the simple asking. Simple players. Simple joy.


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