Morning Chill Notwithstanding

He came and put
The leash in my lap
Toenails tapping happily
Across the hardwood
Gonna need the warmer coat
But Champ has one
Built-in already.
Autumn morning sun
Happily dancing
Through few remaining
Maple leaves.
I give him lots
Of lead for olfactory
What does he sense
In that sniffing?
Stories of the hunt?
Amorous come-hither?
Territorial exclamations?
News in sidewalk and bushes?
A twenty-something
Girl in sweats
Passes by with her Shelty
Long, flowing
Butterscotch beauty.
We nod with smiles
Sensing our private fraternity
As canine greetings beneath
Get more demonstrative.
Last night's sleep went poorly
There are hard decisions
Today at the office
But they are precious
Pacing minutes away
And my constant Buddy
And I
Pick up the tempo
Lungs enlarging.


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