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You Won't Let Go

A friend is having an encounter with cancer. Successful round of surgery, but inconclusive assessments from a recent biopsy and renowned specialists having differences of opinion about where to go next. Oh how we want the tidy testimony: "Jesus answered prayer and the assault is over" But not always so. There is a lot of junk in a fallen word and we are instructed to "overcome", not simply to breeze through. I like what Oswald Chambers has said about the Lord giving the persevering faithful ones a "fighting chance". Fight on Friend in the confidence that your attentive Elder Brother is like none other. The song featured here is right on point. Michael usually is right on point.

Feel It (toby mac)


The Casing Finally Broken

It began with a burned finger
Mother had warned
About the stove-top
I was about three
And could not be told
Had to discover the truth
For myself
Stunning and humiliating.
And self-defense
Became a priority.
Later school yard kids
Strange men at shopping malls
Homework incomplete
But without honest excuse
The dating scenes
Demands of the job
Half-truths told
And left unconfessed
On many fronts.
That indispensable shell
Was hardening
Against pain, embarassment
Duty or discovery
I called it self-preservation
The way things had to be.
But my world was shrinking
And darkening
Less satisfaction with every week
So many things
Buttoned-down in me
Seemingly under wraps
But unseemly.
Occasionally there shone some light
Some inkling of a better way
Beyond me
An image or a stanza of a song
Or even a Gospel word
Or smile on some arresting face.
But the shell, the casement
Was hard and persistent.
I heard later that there
Had been prayer
A few friends already broken free
Aware of my struggle
And d…