So Unworthy

Awake and right early
Now why should that be?
Today is demanding
Are you calling me?
To prayer when I'm sleepy
To prayer when I ache
I hear you...I'm coming
This is no mistake.
I thank you for mercies
I lift up some friends
I ask now for guidance
To deal with loose ends.
My mind, still it's wandering
My focus is weak
I want to break through now
Oh Lord would you speak?
And then comes a pausing
And Majesty's smile
"I love your crude ramblings
Come closer awhile.
I chose you and drew you
And brought you the light
A precious adoption
You're gold in my sight.
And you need this comfort
Though early it seems
And Child take my courage
Much better than dreams."


  1. Love this Doug, many a time have I had this very same conversation under similar circumstances.


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