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That Delightful Holiday


Gift from my wife and kids
Hosted by dear friends in Moncks Corner, S.C.
Four happy days seemed like twelve (a threefold blessing)
You only turn 65 once.

Just, Plain Tali

I saw him at the market
Touting things he'd cooked
But really not just touting            (Colossians 3:17)
Upon a second look
The bowls of beef and salad
An introduction sweet
For voicing quaint "God love ya's"
To people he would meet
And out from counter stepping
To place a hand of care
On hurting ones who stopped by
Yes Jesus Christ was there
The bowls they did not empty
New fish and loaves of sort          (Matthew 14:16-21)
A Godly Puerto Rican
Dispensing good report.

(Tali or Nephtali)

(Philippians 4:8)

Note: This was a real encounter on my recent delightful holiday trip to friends in South Carolina.

I'm Ready Now


Gold of the Scots


Fast Friends

My parents were married in 1947. They were already fast friends with Dorothy and Bill Vize. The two women had been together in nurses' training at Victoria Hospital, London.

This month my Mom celebrated her 90th birthday. Part of the day's celebration included a visit to the Vize home in South London. Imagine! Dorth and Bill are still keeping up the old homestead at ages 92 and 93 respectively. And she is certified blind and he a long-time diabetic.

Daughter Lynda, a retired university professor in Education lives in Kingston with husband Dennis. My brother Scott and I have considered her like a sister.

Every day Mom chats with Dorth by phone. Every day. The conversations are rich with empathy, laughter and memories. Those shared cottage summers, trips to the Detroit Zoo, Sunday dinners at one home or the other, card games, Nurses' reunions, high school events and sports for the kids, summer Y camp visits, general YMCA involvement, sunny visits to the farm of Bill and Nad…