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Down to the Beach

You smell it

Long before sight
The crest in the street
Leads assuredly
To lazy turquoise
And tanning lotion
Memories of happy kids
And dunes for a frolic
Castles and canals
Slurping and sculpted
The applause sound
Of uncountable waves
Ending on gravel
With a hiss of
Mission accomplished
Then receding graciously
And back out again
Toward the States
This has none
Of the City's clamour
Imperious signage
Or vague faces
This has the vitality
Of enjoyed life
And nature's awe
Our happy membership
“Having a good day?
Sure glad those clouds
Footlongs and fries
Sizzle for the selling
Two elders in lawn chairs
Together and silent
Feet in the sand
Fresh air and quick sounds
Facing the mystery
Blue above and in
Liquid transit
Taking them back.

Seated High

You’re up on my shoulders
And tugging my hair
And laughing
For all you hold dear.
And Daughter
I’d carry you anywhere
Delighting that you
Cling so near.
The sun is at apex
And waves wash my feet
And time has been
Frozen it seems.
Oh will you remember
When years pull apart
Our walks and our talks
And our dreams?
This Father is weeping
In spite of the joy
For blessings
Unearned in your smile.
And thinking the Father
Has carried me high
And kept me from harm
All the while.