Power In Peter's Estimation

image by Ron DiCianni

They have lived ordeals
Mostly in quiet corners
Stumped by the harshness
Of a world for winners
Trim, muscular, popular
Monstrously self-absorbed
They have found rescue
On knees of broken supplication
Have heard words from the Risen One
Have stood up again
Assured of protection, counsel
From the Highest
And a promised abode
In righteousness and peace.
They are no longer
Terrified by public opinion
Peculiar people Peter said
Out on a limb
Of adventure and loving it
Persecuted because clean
Begotten again through
Words of power
And not by any natural means
They are called out of darkness
Into marvelous light
Peter said.
Strangely transformed to
A royal priesthood
A holy nation.
Yet now they go about
The simple jobs and households
Helping where prepared
By unlikely instruments
Kept by the power of God
Unto salvation
Ready to be revealed
In the last time
Wherein they rule and reign
With every conceivable virtue
For equity, harmony and joy.
Christ their destination

(Note: One of my favourite journeys passes right through Peter's First Epistle.)


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