Airbus 320

It was a special evening
With our Son
Surprise visit
From his Toronto training
Commercial airline jet pilot.
Stories of distant places
Lordship of the clock
Pluck to take on novel encounters
Impatient people
Toss-a-coin ground conditions
Airport clearance
Passports and visas.
Exotic names and cultures
Honolulu, Beijing
New York, Montreal, Paris
Cuba, Dominican, Holland
Hudson Bay, Nunavut
Winnipeg, Boston
Athens, Bavaria
Belgium, London.
San Francisco.
And he has accents for them all
Tall, trim comedian.
Mother takes in his tales
With few words
But eyes smiling.
(That little boy with
The snow forts out front
And two-wheeler lessons
Quickly accomplished.
Microsoft flying games
Air Cadets
College of Aviation
Arctic charter flights
Frigid delights.)
Now it's Airbus Jets
And systems that spin the head.
I treasured it all
And news of that special first-lady
Stephanie of Quebec
Who appears to complete
Our Jordan.


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