Princess of Grace


She is all smiles
And it’s five thirty AM
Overnight shift at coffee shop
Juggling counter and drive-thru
Unscrambling garbled orders
From sleepy patrons
And offering her best.
Frightfully thin
Hair pinned under Company cap
Probably a grandmother somewhere
And smiling unshakably
Catching every detail
Offering every option
(And the franchise keeps adding
New and trendy treats.)
She looks you straight on
Offering the same graces
To homeless guy
To out of town salesman
To yawning shift worker
To cop on the beat.
To college student pressed with exams.
She brings community
And care and contentment
Rare commodities in the rat race.
And for minimum wage.
With some shaky promise
Of extra hours
From an owner
Whose only hands-on job
Is buying napkins and toilet supplies.


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