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Key of Thanksgiving

Just give thanks For every small disclosure Seeing God is no Small chore these days Think that Right and Peace And Everlasting Looks on you with Never changing Grace Gives you help

All the Best

We are told
There is no bad news
Just unfolding
Of God's will
Though the packages
Are daunting
He's the Keeper
Keeping still.
And He lets
The darkness threaten
Til we moan
Without a plan
So that we might
Well abandon
All the strategies
Of man.
That's the time
When Christ's power
That's the time
When demons flee
What a trade-off
My sad failures
All made right at Calvary.
And He works
The work so gently
And He hauls our
Common yoke
Just a please
And then a thank you
That a small child
Might invoke.

Matthew 11: 27-30