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Queenie Hennessy

Queenie Hennessy

It began as a knee-jerk thing Unrequited love, another time A final time And leaving the job and the brewery The audit drives to hoteliers With Him Upright, blue-eyed, decent Gentle in humour and engagement. But now simply to leave The terrible hurt like a cleaver. His one son David...gone Brilliant, eccentric, troublesome And troubled Finally at the end of a rope. And I had known David Through various happenstances Fascinated with him As curious extension of his Father. And never disclosed it Neither those tell-tale symptoms For possible rescue. Too proud Too frightened.

Yes, to leave, bus after bus Nose pointed in a crazy Otherwise direction Til stopped by the North Sea Sand and gulls Somewhere near Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. The beach house Down from the Main Strip And over from the golf course. All wind-pierced, skeletal and rotting. But project nevertheless Distracting and defending. Locals and vacationers Curious and helpful About this crazy spinster woman Alone in th…